Current Job Openings:

Operation & Middle East Production Line Senior Engineer

Improve the operational systems, processes and policies in support of organizations mission—1. specifically, support better management reporting, information flow and management, business process and organizational planning.

2. Development of a new production line layout for the CCTV sectoressay editor service

3. Development of new techniques to optimize process using operation management tools especially in the CCTV sector

4. Development of new techniques to improve quality using Six Sigma especially in the CCTV sector

5. Development of quality control system especially in the CCTV sectorsample essay on why i want to be a nurse
6. Development of new techniques to cut cost using lean manufacturing tools especially in the CCTV sector

7. Ability to develop strategic plan for the Middle East and Gulf

8. Ability to develop cost calculations for the CCTV products

9. Ability to develop marketing plan for the Middle East and Gulf

10. management of agency budget in coordination with the Executive Director

11. development of individual program budgets for the Middle East and Gulf

12. have the ability to coordinate with multinational companies especially for the Middle East and Gulf

13. knowledge to establish a Total Quality Management System

14. ability to coordinate with CCTV Associations, companies and universities to bring research funds for production line enhancements

15. have the ability to develop training courses in operation management, TQM, Lean, Six Sigma, cost reduction, process optimization and others.

The employee will supervise the following team members: Product Line Supervisor, Quality Assurance Analyst, Security Camera Assembler, Security Camera Assembler, and DVR Assembler.

REQUIREMENTS: Doctorate in Industrial Engineering; 48 months of experience as an engineer, electronic security

OTHER SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Strong background and work experience in Operation Management;

Excellent computer skills and proficiency in Excel, Word, Outlook, and Access; must speak both English and Arabic;

and knowledge in the EFQM system. Travel Required: 60% to Middle East

RATE OF PAY: $183,810.00 per year

LOCATION OF EMPLOYMENT: 802 Greenview Drive, Suite 100, Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Applications and inquiries can be made to the above address or email
Interested applicants should send resumes to 2m Solutions, Inc. at  802 Greenview Drive Suite 100, Grand Prairie,TX 75050. or Email to: ATTN:Maryam Kamalmaz


Updated January 13, 2015