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We are commercial and residential electronic security professionals, dedicated to top quality and customer satisfaction. 2M Solutions offers the complete security package including access control, CCTV security cameras, complete integrated surveillance systems, state-of-the-art IP cameras, fire alarm systems, and intrusion detection.  We also do free site surveys and installation for all buildings, sites, and residences in the DFW Metroplex.


One of the aspects of 2M Solutions that separates us from our competitors is our focus on our customers.  We listen to what our clients and customers want and keep them within the budget originally quoted.  We even offer a 60-day guarantee, where if something happens with those 60 days, we will fix it for free.  And if that’s not enough, we offer FREE lifetime tech support over the phone for ALL our Dallas, TX customers.


We have sold to customers in all 50 states plus 40 countries including Japan, Germany, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, and many others.  Our customers include McDonalds, Dallas ISD, The United States Army, and Legoland Florida.



“Knowledgeable Staff – Very Helpful – and in a comfortable setting. They know that by educating us we are more informed and in a position to represent the Product.”

L.W. Taylor





Complete Security and Video Surveillance Packages
CCTV, Security Cameras, Access Control, Fire Alarm, and IP Cameras
Professional Installations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex
Free Site Survey, Professional Assessment, and Quote



Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Retail, Business, Courthouse

Free Technical Support and Follow-up for all Dallas Security Installs

All the Latest Technology Know-How and Equipment including IP Technology

We carry only Top Brands including Bosch, Pelco, Veilux, Axis, Geovision, Samsung, and more




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Our Dallas Security Solutions

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2M Solutions provides top-of-the-line security cameras and camera installations for homes and businesses in the Dallas-area.

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Our Access Control Systems for Dallas businesses include the complete package, door locks, card readers, electric strikes, cameras, and installation.

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2M Solutions offers complete Fire Alarm Systems for businesses and offices of any size.  Call us now for a free walk-through of your building.

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Your business safety is of the utmost importance, so having the best possible Intrusion Detection Systems & Perimeter Security is essential.

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Our complete CCTV Security Systems include all the security equipment for your home or business as well as free technical support and follow-up.

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Get the latest in IP Camera technology so you can capture high resolution images

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Dallas Industries we Serve

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Commercial Security Systems

Commercial Security

2msolutions specializes in commercial security solutions in Dallas, and surrounding areas.  We’ve installed hundreds of access control and video surveillance systems to hospitals, schools, banks, and other commercial entities.


[tab title=”Business”]

Business Security Systems

Business Security

Our security equipment is all state-of-the-art and can be easily integrated with your small business or commercial operations.  From biometric locks and exit alarms, to complete CCTV camera systems, we’ve got you and your business covered.


[tab title=”Retail”]

Retail Security Systems

Retail Security

Protect the assets of your property and reduce shrinkage with the help of a security camera system from 2msolutions.  Our locks, safes, access control, and video cameras are perfect for your retail store and our professional installers will make sure every key vulnerability gets secure.


[tab title=”Building”]

Building Security SystemsBuilding Security

Secure your building and parking lot with complete access control and surveillance systems.  There’s a lot that can go wrong in and around your building, so it’s important to make sure only authorized personnel can have access to the building. Compliment your access control with CCTV cameras for a complete security solution.







2msolutions is proud to serve Dallas, TX and the following surrounding areas: Oak Cliff, Duncanville, DeSoto, Lancaster, Mesquite, Garland, Richardson, Plano, Carrollton, Coppell, Irving, and Grand Prairie,



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