2MSolutions:The Solutions for You

2M Solutions Security Group provides the unique expertise to bring the perfect solutions to your commercial, educational, Industrial, and governmental security necessities. We want you to optimize your property to the some of the top technology in the industry.  With these new solutions the risk of unwanted events will severally decrease and if they do occur, they will be caught on video.  We encourage you to search through this site and see what solutions will be best for you.

For over 40 years, 2M Solutions Group has solidified its position as one of the most esteemed providers of security and surveillance systems the world over. The 2M brand has become synonymous with a distinction of innovation and outstanding quality that has placed the corporation and its products at the forefront of the security and surveillance markets. Even amidst international expansion and recognition over the years, the organization has remained committed to providing an unmatched quality of customer service by offering individualistic technologies that can be tailored to support virtually any security application.

  • Our risk assessment methodologies are developed to industry-specific and client-specific best practices and industry standards as well as each client’s unique project needs.
  • Arriving at effective and fiscally sound solutions takes consideration of multiple options for each potential solution. We identify the trade-offs between protection, culture, environmental variables and cost.
  • New access control technology allows users and other assets to be tracked around the building allowing inferences into employee workflow with other coworkers and the physical building.
  • Complexity is our specialty. Complete Physical asset protections for fire, burglary, advanced building scheduling, elevator monitoring, medical emergency mitigation, temperature sensitive alarms, power failure and more.

Our team has experience working with Oil rigs, factories and more.


Our extensive experience with commercial businesses makes us a perfect choice to handle your needs.

Health Care
Health Care follows very stringent specification in order to meet requirements set and to ensure the safety of all. Our staff has worked with Health Care facilities and have the practical understanding of the subject.

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2M Solutions has certification with GSA and 8a, which certifies us to work with government agencies.


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