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2m Solutions, Inc., welcomes this opportunity to present our Capabilities Statement to potential partners and customers. Our approach to every transaction has always been to achieve excellence of the highest quality in terms of deliverable s and performance. From the very inception, we have answered the call to exceed our customer’s expectations. Here at 2M Solutions, we have the expertise and resources to ensure that the installation we complete will meet the needs of our clients in functionality, efficiency and quality assurance. In addition, we advise on the design and implementation of our client's security needs.  2m Solutions, Inc. will deliver single source solutions with a strong assurance of timely performance and high quality workmanship. We look forward to a favorable review of 2m Solutions, Inc. Capabilities Statement and ask that you please contact us if you have additional questions. 2M Solutions Security Groups specializes in security camera solutions providing the unique expertise to bring the perfect solutions to your commercial, educational, Industrial, and governmental security necessities. For over 40 years, 2M Solutions Group has solidified its position as one of the most esteemed installation service providers of security and surveillance systems all over the world. 2M Solutions provide CCTV security camera installation at best rate possible.


Risk Assessment

01. Risk Assessment In any project that we do, we will perform a risk assessment as the first step. When conducting a risk assessment, we will identify potential hazards & analyze what could happen in various possible situations so that we can design a system that is prepared for anything. Important Risk Factors Megaprojects Mega-projects […]


02. Strategic Planning When taking on a project, our consultants and technicians will work closely with you to ensure that our actions align with your vision and goals. We believe that communication with our clients is the most important factor for a successful project. Steps of Project Management Strategic Planning & Consulting Strategic planning is […]


04. System Maintenance At 2M Solutions, we believe that our clients are clients for a lifetime. We’re there for our partners from start to finish, and even after that. When you collaborate with 2M on a project, we will ensure that your investment lasts by conducting regular system maintenance.  Protection That Lasts Curated Security Systems […]


Our industry expertise allows us to build solutions integrating with current components such as smart phones. As consultants, we create solid solutions to eliminate downtime.

Security Design & Installation

SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEMS 2M Solutions: Your Security Camera System Solution Seamless Integration Using our years of industry expertise, we can build security solutions that integrate current components, such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops.  Features Video verification Works worldwide (based on mobile package) 3G, WiFi, or EDGE networks Advanced PTZ control Professional uptime policies What […]

Access Control

ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS 2M Solutions: Your Access Control System Solution Authentication & Authorization Access control is the selective restriction of access to data and consists of two parts: authentication and authorization. Authentication is a technique used to verify that someone is who they claim to be. Authorization determines if a user should be allowed access. […]


Security Systems, DFW CCTV & Security Camera Systems, Dallas/Fort Worth One of the biggest downsides to our new technology is that using it requires training on equipment and software.  No one wants has the time to learn multiple complicated systems just to secure their business or home.  At 2M our focus is on our customer […]

Fire Alarm System Solutions

FIRE ALARM SYSTEMS 2M Solutions: Your Fire Alarm System Solution Investment That Lasts After assessing your needs, we will find the best equipment at a cost-effective price range that is both durable and code compliant. Enhance Protection, Minimize Liability 2M’s fire alarm systems will keep your facility and employees safe from harm while minimizing your […]

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