At a high level, access control is a selective restriction of access to data. It consists of two main components: authentication and authorization.

Authentication is a technique used to verify that someone is who they claim to be. Authentication with an additional layer of authorization in which it is determined if a user should be allowed to access.
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Authentication and authorization both play important roles in security systems both online and physical. In the investigation of a security breach the first items to be checked are the access controls to check for a security breach or secure data was exposed through a public-facing web server operating with a software vulnerability, access controls are a key component.


Using access control systems in your organization or business can be a simple way of enhancing your security and managing the flow of people through your facility or system. In other words, every organization today needs some level of access control in place.
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These are the reasons for Access Control

6 Reason to Have an Access Control System in Place

  • Safety. Access control systems allow you to provide a safe working environment for your employees.
  • Grant limited access to any high risk or stock areas without increasing the risk for internal theft or damage to assets and inventory.
  • Peace of mind. Every time access is granted to your property or data system, it is logged and recorded for later review if necessary.
  • Remote Access. One of the most convenient benefits of access control, your system can easily allow you to let in individuals when you are not there. No matter where you are located, access control systems can provide access to your busi-ness remotely, and you will always know who is coming and going.
  • Misplaced Keys. Eliminate the worry of tracking who has keys or if reproductions have been made. Swipe cards or biometric access can be granted and revoked using the date system keeping unwanted intruders or unauthorized access
  • Customize Individual Schedules. Access control systems allow you to minimize your exposure to risk by never granting more access than is absolutely required for each specific user and in any given situation. Want to give your employees access to the building but only between the hours of nine and five? Require access for cleaners or short term staff? Need to provide an em-ployee with 24hr access? Or do you want to give your employees access to the main building but not to the manager’s office or certain other off-limits areas?