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Retail & Grocery Stores


When it comes to retail or grocery stores, they run a higher risk of incidents and crime. These areas see a high flow of customers everyday and house thousands of dollars in merchandise which makes them susceptible to:

  • Burglaries
  • Employee shrinkage
  • Shoplifting
  • Organized retail crime
  • Vandalism
  • Altercations between staff and customers
  • Customer and worker injuries from slips, falls, or heavy inventory

2M Solutions Technology Group understands these unique issues that retail and grocery stores face and can design a complete security system that resolves these concerns.


Prevent Theft

Installing a security system prevents theft, both from customers and employees.

Better Performance

Monitoring encourages employees to perform better and increase customer satisfaction.

Reduce Liability

Provides evidence to resolve disputes and workplace injury claims.

Monitor Visitors

Allows you to keep track of who comes in and leaves and at what time.

Improve Safety

Active surveillance provides a peace of mind for employees and customers.

Track Transactions

CCTV footage from cash registers can be lined up with POS transactions for better tracking.


2M Solutions can design a complete security system for any kind of retail store, like small boutiques, grocery stores, or even large supermarkets. Our team has extensive experience and can develop a solution that keeps the staff and customers safe while still maintaining a welcoming atmosphere.

When designing and installing a security system for retail stores, there are a few considerations that we keep in mind:

  • Remote monitoring: It’s not possible for owners and managers to be physically present at all time so remote monitoring capabilities are necessary to ensure that employees carry out tasks.
  • Aesthetics: The interior design of store can have a big effect on how the customers perceive the business. When designing a solution, we make sure to install discreet equipment that can be seamlessly integrated with the environment.
  • Inventory rooms: Retail stores can have up to thousands of dollars worth of merchandise that they need to protect. We can install CCTV in inventory rooms or warehouses to reduce shrinkage caused by theft or damaged goods.
  • Registers: Video surveillance at registers will discourage theft and can catch fraudulent transactions such as unauthorized discounts, refunds, or erroneous checkout scanning.
  • Entrances/Exits: These areas see the most foot traffic so coverage in doorways is necessary in order to capture identities if an incident were to occur.

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Other Considerations

Burglar Alarm System

Retail stores are often targets of vandalism or burglaries. For better protection, it is recommended that a burglar alarm system is installed to actively deter and detect intruders after business hours.

Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system is needed in any public building in order to protect and staff and visitors. 2M can install a fire alarm system that comply with building and fire regulations.

Access Control System

Inventory rooms are common areas for theft, from both employees and customers. An access control system can be used to keep customers out and know who had access at what times.