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At 2M Solutions, the satisfaction of our clients is our top priority. If you are interested in working on a project with us, we offer FREE walk-through appointments in which we will assess your location and your needs. Through these appointments, you’ll be able to receive our recommended solution and the most accurate estimate.


In our walk-through, we will evaluate what equipment will best suit your facility and carry out the needed functions.


We will also be able to figure out how the new system can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems.


We will ensure that the equipment used will match requirements and guarantee quality control and warranty.


After inspecting the location, we can design a complete layout of a system that will give you the most coverage.


After assessing your needs and the facility, we will be able to determine an estimated timeline of the potential project.


Booking a walk-through is the best way for us to assess your needs and develop the most accurate budget.