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Restaurants & Food Service


When it comes to restaurants and other food service establishments, they run a higher risk of incidents and crime. Restaurants have a high flow of customers and staff that go through their building everyday which makes them more susceptible to:

  • Vandalism
  • Burglary
  • Customers “dine and dashing”
  • Altercations between staff and customers
  • Employee shrinkage due to high employee turnover rate
  • Kitchen injuries such as cuts, burns, slips, and falls

2M Solutions Technology Group understands these unique issues that the restaurant and food service industry faces and can design a complete security system that resolves these concerns.


Prevent Theft

Security cameras actively deter theft, from both customers and employees.

Reduce Liability

Provides evidence to resolve disputes and workplace injury claims.

Improve Safety

Active surveillance provides a peace of mind for employees and customers.

Better Performance

Monitoring encourages employees to perform better which increases customer satisfaction.

Monitor Visitors

Allows you to keep track of each visitor in case identification is needed.

Track Transactions

CCTV footage from cash registers can be lined up with POS transactions.


2M Solutions can design a complete security system for any kind of restaurant, from casual drive-through chains to fine dining establishments. Our team has extensive experience and can develop a solution that keeps the staff and customers safe while still maintaining a friendly, comfortable environment. 

When designing and installing a security system for restaurants and other food service establishments, there are a few considerations that we keep in mind:

  • Remote monitoring: It’s not possible for owners and managers to be physically present at all time so remote monitoring capabilities are necessary to ensure that employees carry out tasks.
  • Aesthetics: The interior design of the restaurant has a big effect on how the customers perceive the business. When designing a solution, we make sure to install discreet equipment that can be seamlessly integrated with the environment.
  • Kitchen: In restaurants, the kitchen is one of the most dangerous areas. Injuries can easily happen due to negligence. Video surveillance can be used to enforce safety regulations and reduce liabilities.
  • Registers: Using video surveillance at cash registers discourage theft and can catch fraudulent transactions such as unauthorized discounts or voided orders.
  • Entrances/Exits: These areas see the most foot traffic so coverage in doorways is necessary to capture identities if an incident were to occur.

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Other Considerations

Burglar Alarm System

For better protection, it is recommended that restaurants install a burglar alarm system that can be integrated with security camera systems to actively detect and deter intruders after business hours.

Fire Alarm System

Restaurants are highly susceptible to accidental fires due to their kitchens. A fire alarm system should be installed and we can make sure that it complies with building and fire regulations.

Access Control System

It's common for restaurants to have inventory rooms that can be hotspots for theft. An access control system will allow you to keep a log of who had access when things go missing.