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2M Solutions: Your Access Control System Solution

Authentication & Authorization

Access control is the selective restriction of access to data and consists of two parts: authentication and authorization. Authentication is a technique used to verify that someone is who they claim to be. Authorization determines if a user should be allowed access.

Convenient Management

Having an access control system can offer more convenience by:

  • Allowing managers to restrict/grant access remotely
  • Eliminating the worry of tracking who has keys or if reproductions have been made
  • Enabling managers to set customized access schedules for individuals

The Need to Know

Using access control systems in your organization or business can be a simple way of enhancing your security and managing the flow of people throughout your facility or system. 

Secure Access to Data

Having an access control system in place can:

  • Provide a safe working environment for your employees
  • Grant limited access to any high risk areas without increasing the risk for internal theft or damage to assets and inventory
  • Provide a peace of mind by logging when access is granted for later review if necessary

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