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Risk Assessment

In any project that we do, we will perform a risk assessment as the first step. When conducting a risk assessment, we will identify potential hazards and analyze what could happen in various possible situations so that we can design a system that is prepared for anything.

Important Risk Factors


Mega-projects (also known as “major programs”) are extremely large-scale investment projects, typically costing more than US $1 billion per project. These may include bridges, tunnels, highways, airports, power plants, oil and natural gas extraction projects, etc. When planning mega-projects, factors such as finances, safety, and social and environmental impacts must be heavily evaluated.

Project Management

Risk assessment is an integral part of a project management plan. The probability, the impact, and the effect of every known risk on the project must be studied as well as the corrective action to take if an incident were to occur. Of special consideration in this area are the relevant codes of practice that are enforced in the specific jurisdiction.

Information Security

When conducting risk assessments, information security must be taken into account due to the fact that any adverarial system connected to the internet has access to threaten any other connected system.