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Oil & Gas


Any facility or plant involved in the oil & gas industry are volatile and extremely hazardous. These are critical industries, but they face serious concerns such as:

  • Explosions caused by electrical charges reacting with the surrounding environment
  • Theft of expensive equipment and valuable resources being processed
  • Terrorism¬†
  • Environmental disasters from mishaps
  • Worker injuries
  • Lack or difficulty of access to these remote sites

2M Solutions Technology Group understands these unique issues that gas & oil sites face and can design a complete security system that will resolve these concerns.


Remote Monitoring

Distant locations can be monitored remotely from a central location to eliminate traveling.

Increases Production

Video surveillance enhances communication between locations and ensures that equipment stays working.

Prevents Terrorism

Reduces the chance of terrorism by actively monitoring for unauthorized personnel and intruders.

Improves Safety

Minimizes injuries by allowing workers to monitor operations from a safe location.

Deters Theft

Video system can monitor for any thieves looking to steal valuable equipment and resources.

Meet Regulations

Oil & gas facilities are usually required to have some form of surveillance for security purposes.


2M Solutions can design a complete security system for any facility involved in the oil & gas industry like oil rigs, pipelines, or processing plants. Our team has extensive experience and can develop a solution that will keep workers and the environment safe.

When designing and installing a security system for oil & gas sites, there are a few considerations that we keep in mind:

  • Explosion-proof equipment: Regular security systems are hazardous for these sites because the electrical charges can spark an explosion. We understand those risks and can install explosion-proof equipment that will comply with regulations.
  • Responsiveness: In these unstable environments, fast responsiveness is a necessity. We can implement a solution that will detect potential threats and send real-time alerts.
  • Compliance: Often times, gas & oil facilities must abide by strict regulations concerning safety and surveillance. We have an extensive knowledge of these rules and can develop a compliant solution.
  • Flexibility: In the gas & oil industry, their processing facilities may span all across the country. We can develop systems that are scalable, flexible, yet still simple to manage.

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Other Considerations

Burglar Alarm System

Since gas & oil facilities are prone to terrorism and theft, installing a burglar alarm system is recommended to actively deter and detect intruders.

Fire Alarm System

The chemicals that are present in these industries are volatile and can spark explosions at any time. A fire alarm system is necessary to minimize the damage and protect workers.

Access Control System

In these specialized facilities, there could be areas that are restricted to only authorized personnel. An access control system keeps out unauthorized individuals and keeps track of access.